October 1, 2016: ORAL HISTORY DAY at the Sanderson Museum, 9a – 12p.

Did you know Chris Sanderson? If so, What do you remember about him?
Were you one of his students at any of the many schools where he taught?
Did he come to your school and talk to your class?
Do you remember your parents picking him up in their car?

Poster, Chadds Ford PTA Country Dance
Poster, Chadds Ford PTA Country Dance

Did you take square dancing lessons with him?
Did you attend country dances where he called and played?
Did you ever seehim perform with his Indian Clubs?
Did you hear any of his radio broadcasts?
Did you ever hear any of his lectures on local historical topics?
Did your parents ever talk about him? What did they think about him?

Come to the museum and share your stories about this iconic character, so that they can be preserved for future generations.