The Collection

Step up to the wooden porch of Christian Sanderson’s countryside home and tour all eight rooms rich with over 200 years of history and three thousand artifacts. Children and adults will delight in this captivating collection. A Man’s Life – A Nation’s History!


  • Get a glimpse of the Wyeth family through their friendship with Chris:
    • Photographs of the NC Wyeth family.
    • Wyeth original paintings and sketches..
    • Marvel at the unique artifacts and items on display:


  • View artifacts from the American Revolution, American Civil War, and both World Wars.
    • Learn about the Battle of Brandywine and other local lore.
    • Study a fabulous archival collection including letters from Civil War Soldiers to Chris.
    • Marvel at historical artifacts:
  • Photographs of Washington’s (Brandywine) Headquarters.
    • Cannonballs found right in our backyard.
    • Inauguration materials.
    • Autographs from several presidents and historical figures.
  • Explore a Family Name Index for stories to augment your genealogy research.