The Museum

The Sanderson Museum is a tribute to the life and collection of one man, Christian C. Sanderson. A private non-profit organization founded in 1967, the year after Sanderson’s death, the Museum contains thousands of artifacts pertaining not only to local Chadds Ford history, but to American history as well. This juxtaposition of local artifacts and those of countrywide significance puts a small town man’s life into a national context.

Chris’s fascination with history and the importance of the “living records” of history has culminated in a collection of archives, memories and actual physical remains of days long gone but, thanks to Chris, days well remembered.

The personal context of the Sanderson museum collection brings new life to the characters and events of American history. Just as the Internet is heralded for its ability to bring the world to anyone’s neck of the woods, the Sanderson Museum is like a time machine, bringing the world’s most distant lands and history’s most grandiose events and figures right up to the museum visitor. It is a time and place machine, presenting the world’s most distant lands and history’s most grandiose events and figures, and drawing them down to the eye level of the typical visitor.

Chris accumulated, cared for, and archived personal relics from some of American history’s most significant events. The Museum’s Board of Directors and volunteer guides work diligently to assure that this collection will be preserved and accessible to future generations.